An Ounce of Strength


And so there was a couple, whom was blessed with a healthy baby boy. During the date of delivery the mother bled so much that she needed transfusion to survive, so she did — she survived. Let’s say the couple was blessed with angel, whom at that day knocked every single door just to know if he can get a donor. His presence was present all throughout the way, and thus the lost was equivalent to the joy he’s felt when the life given was taken back.
In a female’s perspective they say to have achieved complete womanhood one must achieve the role of a pregnant woman (conceiving a child) and the birth of life. Indeed every birth is a miracle, our mother in the story truly has accomplished such, experiencing a struggle of which not every mother has experience through delivery; not to mention giving birth to an angel whom has shared such sweet smile, from which a lot has fallen in love to, including his uncle.
Jeric was the name given; cause of death, sepsis. He was the first and sadly, the last child of this couple, for the birth took away the possibility of conceiving another life. In this situation, is anybody to blame? No. Without question, the couple did everything by any means possible. Jeric, nine months in the making, 2 months beneath, did what he can to breathe. Their angel, whom was left owing people to be capable of handing over whatever he can give financially, and whom has spent his time eyeing on him (whenever his parents got too drained that they’d need every sleep possible to regain an ounce of strength and face another day, fighting). Like an accident, it happens without forecast — it’s beyond our control.
Also, human nature has proven that fault finding is a common resolve (quick fixes) for it’s a lot easier than acceptance; but, in the long run leaves the underlying chronic problems which are left to manifest and embed in our bones till it kills our very core, when unresolved — so this I fear. I was left in percussion, glad that no such was present in this scenario. The foundation of this couple sure is sturdy and thus; love prevailed.
During the two nights of his wake (from which only the last night was I present), there I have witnessed the most peaceful wake I have attended to. Though the mother was still at shock and barely utter any words, the father tried his best to be there and rejoice the life spent of his one and only son, with every ounce of strength. We’ve stayed with this family from night till the day of his funeral, thus I can say that from the little time he had, he was given the love that shows no boundaries, seen with no requirements of what he could’ve been, as an individual being whom has given this family strength and unity, thus he played a good part in the world at 2 months age.
To dispatch the hate and create something beautiful, from the moment of his occurrence, and the death of his time —- beneath. To let his life be a remembrance of love and zest rather than regrets, agony and pain. To be an inspiration to the couple and other couples out there that life is beautiful, be it short or long, should be cherished. To baby Jeric and his family, may you reunite someday in another life. And lastly to his spirit, may you rest in peace.

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